Goodbye Condo!

We’re moving tomorrow!!!!  And…

…we haven’t done much packing.  Here’s a picture of our living room before we started packing.

Here we are today.  We haven’t been very productive.

There is a reason why I’m not in a packing frenzy right now and why I’m sitting here blogging instead. We want to paint the interior of the house before we move everything in so there really is no immediate need to have EVERYTHING packed away tonight.  At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself.  We’re just anxiously waiting for our tenants to move out so we can swoop in and start painting.  We’ve been talking about paint colors all day.  Actually, all week.  What the heck, ever since we decided we’re moving back to the house almost a year ago.

We’ve even drawn up a few mock ups of how we will remodel the house (I’ll post the mock ups when we have something presentable).  However, considering how much that will cost, we’ve settled on redecorating for now.  We’ve gave each room a $500 budget.  KT is taking the lead on decorating the living room, the office, and the guest bedroom.  I’m responsible for our bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen/dining nook.  I’ll post some before, progress, and after shots.  Right now, it’s time to do something a little more productive. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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