Bed Frame to Patio Dining Table

I’ve always try to reuse items around the house but in reality, I’m not as resourceful as I would like to be. 

A few days ago, I read about how a couple, needing an unusual sized office desk, was able to build one from a perfectly-sized door they had lying around.  I love DIY projects, but I love it even more when it doesn’t require much work.  I must have been inspired because I had an epiphany over the weekend.  KT and I stopped by World Market just to look around (we love that store!).  This outdoor dining table was on display by the entrance. This is priced at $329. 

It occurred to me, almost instantaneously, that we can build it with the wood from the bed frame that we need to throw out.  It’s perfect because the bed frame (from Ikea) has the slatted bed base that looks much like the table top above. 

Adding this to our to do list.  

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