Moving Weekend #1 – Painting

We were up early and ready for moving day.  Then we had to wait.  And wait.  Finally, our tenants called to say au revoir (I picked up some French while we were on our honeymoon) and we hustled over there as quickly as we can with a bucket of paint in one hand and a paint brush in another. Okay, we didn’t really do that but that’s what it felt like.

Diana and Philip came over to help. (Big Thanks!) 
We decided to paint the bedroom first so we had to take down the curtains, dust the walls, and unscrew all the outlet plates. Since I decided to go with all white walls, we didn’t have much to prep after that.  I totally spaced on taking a before picture.  To give you an idea, the wall to the left used to be dark brown, and the rest of the walls and ceiling were a very light pink. 

Diana and I started priming and painting the room. 

Here’s Diana priming the brown wall.  

KT and Philip went to put together a portable basketball system in the backyard.  KT confessed that Philip did 75% of the work.  (Sorry didn’t get a picture of Philip working hard!) Diana said Philip really HATES painting and suspected they’re either taking their time putting together their project or they’re shooting hoops.    When we went out back to check after 4 hours of painting…  They’re shooting hoops.  (O_o)  HAHA!  It’s all good.  That thing really takes 3+ hours to put together. 

Here we are the night before moving day, buying KT his basketball thing-a-ma-jig. 
Like most boys, KT said it was his childhood dream to one day have this so I’m glad we finally made it happen.   

Here’s Monster crashing out after his long day of running around the backyard.
On Sunday, KT and I were on our own.  We added another coat of paint to the bedroom and started painting the living room.
Here’s what it looks like now: 
We already started painting the ceiling.  KT decided on grey walls with one purple accent wall and white washed hardwood floors.  It really didn’t take much to get KT on the DIY bandwagon with me and I’m so glad he did.  We are having so much fun.  =)

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