Moving Weekend #2 – Painting

THANK YOU FAMILY for helping us paint this week!!

Free paint at Ace Hardware on Saturday!  We went to pick up a can early in the morning before heading over to the house for more painting. 

Mom, Dad, and Susan came over to help.  Dad painted most of the final coat in the bedroom.  Here’s a picture of Susan wrapping up the job in the bedroom while Mom and Dad are checking out the houses in the neighborhood. 

We continue painting the living room and finally got some color up on the walls.  Here’s Mom being the expert painter.  We didn’t do the corners where the walls meet the ceiling because the ceiling paint was still wet and we couldn’t tape it off.
Side story, while we were painting inside the house, Monster dug a hole under the fence into the neighbors yard.  When I went to bring him back, he was holding up his hind paw to me and crying.  His toes were bent at a 90 degree angle.  After checking that there was nothing poking him under his paw, Susan and I rushed him to the vet just down the street (thank goodness!) thinking he broke his paw.  After sedation, blood work, and xrays, the vet came back showing nothing broken.  He probably pulled a muscle.  Like Susan said, “What a drama queen!”
On Sunday, Lauren came over to help.  We painted the corners in the living room and did a final coat of the grey.  We totally love how the grey turned out. 

KT was working hard cleaning the walls in the kitchen so we can put up the first coat of paint this weekend.  We took off the cabinet doors because we’ll be doing a cabinet transformation next weekend.  YAY!!

After one coat of paint

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