Moving Weekend #3 – Kitchen Cabinets & Recessed Lighting!!

For the last three weeks, in between all the weekends, KT have been slowly moving boxes to the house before work and I’ve been doing more painting at the house after work.  Honestly, I’ve never worked this hard moving before.  I guess when you want to do it right the first time around, it just takes a lot more work. In the past, I’ve been guilty of just throwing everything in a box and moving to a new place.  Then for the next year or so, everything stayed in the box until I needed to use it.  Since this is supposed to be our forever home (or so we say), we don’t plan on living out of boxes for any amount of time.

This past weekend (weekend #3) we started some exciting projects.  
We asked my dad the weekend before to put in recessed lighting for us in the living room and bedroom.  On Saturday, we headed to the Home Depot to pick up some supplies.  KT and I marked where we would like the lights to go in and my dad took care of the rest.  THANKS DAD!
Mom, Lauren, Kim and I worked on prepping the kitchen cabinet doors.  We bought a kit called Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation.  Our kit was missing the instruction disc and pamphlet so we had to watch the instruction video on YouTube.  Thank goodness for YouTube right?  


We first cleaned the cabinet doors with a degreaser to get rid of all the grease and dirt build up.  These oak cabinets must be as old as the house and it looks like they haven’t had any deep cleaning in a very long time.  After cleaning the doors with the degreaser, we used the deglosser that was provided with the kit.  The deglosser is suppose to get rid of the grease, dirt, and gloss coat and replace the need to sand down the cabinets.    
We decided to sand anyways.
Twenty or so cabinet doors later, we were ready to call it a day. Mom, Dad, and Lauren went home.  KT and I decided to power through and start painting the first coat on the back of cabinet doors.  The kit provided the paint (color of your choice – we picked pure white) for the “bond coat”.  The instructions didn’t require us to use any primer first.

 We had to let the paint dry 2-3 hours between coat.  So here we at 10:30PM doing our second coat.

The instructions specifically said to use paint brushes and not rollers. But we bought rollers specifically for cabinets so we thought we might be able to get away with it.   When we looked at it again early Sunday morning, we saw that the two coat of paint applied by the rollers were just too light.  Or perhaps the oak wood is just too dark.  We switched to a paint brush and paint the first coat on the front of the cabinet doors.  David and Susan came over later in the morning to help clean and sand down the cabinet frames inside the kitchen. Susan took over painting the second coat on the cabinet doors and claims she discovered the proper technique to doing it right.  She sent me and David off to paint the frames inside the kitchen.  

David was being a little camera shy so I wont post his picture here.  We didn’t finish painting all the frames before it got dark but we sure got a lot done.  Definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it without Susan and David.  It’s seriously hard discouraging work.

 I came back throughout the week after I got off work to finish the first coat.  =)

 We’re almost there!!

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