Weekend #4 – More Painting, More Cabinets, More Recessed Lightings

I’m a little behind in documenting our home make over.  About two weekends behind.  So two weekends ago, on Saturday, Dad came back to cut more holes for the recessed lights and Philip helped patch up the holes.  There’s Monster in the background looking out the window.  And there’s Mom watching KT pull up a corner of the kitchen floor to see what’s underneath.  
We were hoping to find the same hardwood floor from the living room underneath the vinyl floor but no such luck.  It was just layers of plywood subfloor underneath. We left it alone for the time being as we consider other options for the kitchen floor.

Philip and Diana spray painted the kitchen door hinges and screws black.  They primed them first so the paint will stick to the metal.  The black hinges are an inspiration from the black chandelier that we’re going to put up in the kitchen over our dining table.

This shelf from the bathroom looked really old and worn out.  So we painted it white and it looks brand new!  Almost.

After everyone left for the day, KT and I stayed behind to paint more coats on the cabinets.  If you can’t tell yet, these cabinets are our Everest.  Three weeks of painting cabinets and waiting for it to dry and painting some more.  It feels endless.  So as a pick-me-up for us at ten o’clock at night, we decided its time to put up our mini black chandelier in the kitchen and pick out the cabinet liner.  

We decided on the damask pattern.  It’s the black and white pattern in the lower bottom left cabinet.  

On Sunday, Sam and Jackie came over to help.  They helped paint this bathroom that looks a little lavender.  Diana and Philip and Mom painted a coat of primer the day before.  Jackie and Sam finished the job and painted this bathroom white.  

Next, Sam and Jackie painted the hallway outside the bathroom.  This is the last area that needs to be painted.  YAY!!  Thanks guys!  The paint job looks seriously professional.

I lost count on how many coat we painted on the cabinets….

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