Weekend #6 – Kitchen Floor Demolition

I’ve been really eager to start on the kitchen floor.  I thought we would finally have an easy weekend pulling up the sheet vinyl off the floor.  I started pulling it up at one end while KT was at the other end fixing up the mess we made with the plywood two weekends before.


Luckily the glue was really old so the vinyl came up pretty easily in most areas.  The areas where the glue was still holding the vinyl to the plywood floor required a little more technique and time.   We didn’t remove the baseboards, so we had to be diligent in pulling the vinyl from under the baseboard without leaving any behind.

Pulling up the vinyl

It doesn’t look too bad.  There’s a few spots here and there that requires a little bit more scraping to get off the glue and vinyl residue.

No more vinyl

KT started sanding and scraping the floor and I went to finish touching up the paint around the new lights we installed in the bathroom and hall.

Still sanding….  So I went to paint the rest of the baseboards and door trims. 

and sanding…  we decided we’ll camp out here for a few nights with the doggies to get the floor done. 

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