DIY Stencil

After shopping around for a stencil to use on our floor, I realized how expensive stencils can cost.  Especially for the really nice wall stencils.  Even though this whole process of moving has been a DIY challenge, it still takes me a while to consider the possibility of making something myself.  So after struggling to find a cost effective stencil that meets our need, it finally occurred to me that I can make my own stencil. 

I picked out four of these plastic pocket folders I had lying around. 

I cut off the front of the folder and kept the 8 1/2 by 11 back piece of the folder.  Taking all four 8 1/2 by 11 pieces, I taped them together to make one big piece of plastic. 

KT and I picked out a stencil we liked online.  I copied it over to Microsoft Word, did some cutting and scaling, and printed out four copies.  I lined up all four copies so that the edges will match up and taped it together. 

I taped the design securely under the plastic so I can trace the it with a sharper onto the plastic.

After tracing the stencil design onto the plastic, remove the paper and cut the outline of the stencil on the plastic with an exacto knife.

Cutting out the stencil took me a solid five hours to do. And I only cut out the right side of the stencil.  Since it seems like cutting out the stencil will take longer than actually stenciling, we decided to just stencil with half of the stencil and not bother cutting out the other half. 

Happy Stenciling!

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