Weekend #7 – Painting the… floor?

We actually stayed here a few nights during the week so we can work on the floor after work.  After 20+ hours of KT sanding the floor (apparently, this wasn’t as quick and easy as we had thought), we filled some holes with Elmer wood filler.  We gave it some time to dry, then we sanded it smooth and primed the floor on Sunday afternoon.  I used a paint brush to get all the edges and corners and KT used a roller to paint the rest of the floor.  It was the easiest paint job compared to everything else so far. 

Sanded Floor:

First Coat of Primer:

We had a quick dinner, and went back to prime the floor a second time. As you can see from the picture above, you can still see the grain on the plywood after one coat of primer.  After the second coat of paint, it looks very even.  It was a quick drying primer with awesome coverage.  I totally recommend it.

We used this:

Second Coat of Primer:

As we were priming the floor, I realized how much I liked the white floor.  Since I’ve been wanting to do the stenciling in black, a white background would work perfectly.  I don’t know why it took me so long to put it together.  We went from a black background with grey stenciling to a white background and black stenciling.  It couldn’t be more perfect. 

We rushed off to Lowes to buy white paint as the primer dries. 

We used this paint as recommended from lovelyetc.com:

Once we got back, we were able to put down the first coat of the white paint.  So excited!!  We finished about 9:30PM. 

I came back on Tuesday after work to put down the second coat of the white paint.  =)  I don’t think we really needed it after two coats of primer and a coat of paint already, but I did it for good measure.


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