Weekend #8 – All Moved Out. Kind Of.

We spent weekend #8 at the condo.  We had to move everything out by the end of the weekend because we were having new carpet put in on Monday for the new tenants.  On top of that, we had to paint the entire condo in this one weekend.  That means Monster & Sugar went to daycare for the day to keep them from getting underfoot.

At weekend #8 of moving, we already had two months to pack and slowly move our things over to the house.  We didn’t realized how much stuff we had.  We hired professional movers to come Saturday afternoon to move all of our large furniture.  We had thought that two strong men would be able to move our few large furniture in no time. 

I gave the movers a basic rundown of the main items we’ll need to move.  Bedframe, two desks and office chairs, a sofa, a dinette with two chairs and two stools, a sofa table, couple of bookcases, a piano, a large wall mirror, and tv and entertainment center.  Not bad right?  WRONG!  We also had a coffee table, two bedside tables, three oversized sofa chairs, an armoire, a corner entertainment center, a filing cabinet, two window benches, two dressers, etc.

The two movers really hustled.  It took them a total of three hours on a really hot afternoon.  If anyone hired movers before, then they probably know about the double drive time.  Basically, they charge for the drive time from one location to the new location times two.  Movers usually charge you for a minimum half hour drive time.  Since our house is only four miles from the condo, which usually takes us about 8-10 minutes to drive, we thought we’ll only pay the minimum drive time.

When we got to the house, the movers looked at his watch and said it took them 25 minutes to drive here.  So double drive time is 50 minutes total.  What the???!!!???  Seriously??  After they loaded the car, they sat in there for a good five minutes (to catch their breath I guess – I don’t blame them), then it took them another five minutes to back their truck out of our gated community. So really, it only took them 15 minutes after they left our first location to get to our second location (they were cruising at 30 miles per hour and it took them five minutes to park).  I guess you have to count the backing out time and the parking time.  But seriously??  They’re going to charge us 50 minutes to drive 4 miles??  Sounds crazy right?  At the end, after the episode of me gawking at him, completely speechless, he said he’ll just charge us the minimum 30 minutes to keep things simple.  Whew, thank goodness for him wanting to keep things simple. 

After the movers left, we went back to the condo to move all of our small items.  We painted our bedroom Saturday night after moving everything out to the living room.  We crashed in the office around 2AM and we’re at it again Sunday at 6AM.  More packing, more painting.  By 3AM, we painted everything but the living room.  We came back Monday night after the carpet was installed to finish painting the living room, move whatever was left in the kitchen and did some deep cleaning in the bathroom.  By midnight, we got almost everything out of there except for a carload of misc things.  We came back again on Tuesday to really get whatever was left.

I kept a bottle of sparkling cider and two of cupcakes (like the ones we had at our wedding cocktail reception) in the fridge.  A toast to our first home.  It’s sad to leave because we had some great memories here but we have to remember these are just empty rooms. Like KT always tells me, home is where you are.  

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