Look At Our HAUL!

This weekend, as we were finishing up painting our living room floor, we enjoyed two hours down time between coats.  Just enough time to run some errands and do a little window shopping.

During our morning down time, we went to our local Albertsons for our semi-weekly grocery trip.  We saw this cool retro patio chair set.  It doesn’t fit in our home decor but I imagine someone can do something really awesome with it in their backyard.  

During our next downtime, we decided to take a stroll through Target’s home department for some decorating ideas.  What was suppose to be window shopping became a cart full at check out.  
Kt suggested we keep an eye out for clearance items at the end caps and that really got us excited about the possibility of finding something really cool at an awesome price.  
Our bedroom gets the full sun during the hottest time of the day so I needed some sun blocking curtains to keep the room cooler.  I found these in clearance and the color ties to my sitting chair in the bedroom.  It’s also blocks light.  Perfect!
At Target Dollar Spot, KT found these Spam notecards and tin container.  The Spam advertisements on the notecards look really cool and the tin container is functional.  His desk at work is getting a little decor.  I like.  
This white tin is another clearance item. Half off.  =)  We’ve been eyeing these tin containers from various stores all summer long.  I’m going to drills some holes at the bottom and use it as a planter. Yea, we picked up some dog treats for the babies as well.  They were on sale and we get a $5 dollar Target gift card if we buy two.  Gotta love the deals.
KT has been having trouble figuring out what to do about the curtains in the living room.  These purple curtains with the white prints seem to be a good fit for a purple accent room.  We’re going to try it out.  
We didn’t stop at Target.  We figure since we’re buying so many of these home items, we should make our next trip to Ross to see if we might find some better steals.  We have no qualms about making returns when we find something better somewhere else.  
 The curved shower curtain rod with a liner and hooks is only $19.99.  At Target, just the rod is forty dollars.  
Our highlights are the clock and three of these wooden tubs in various sizes:
We decided we have to go to Cost Plus World Market, our favorite home store.  After two shopping sprees already, we figure we’re just going to look around World Market for inspirations.  However, when we walked in the door, a staff greeted us and handed us a flier for a whooping 25% off anything, one day only.  I couldn’t help laughing out loud as the staff look at me quizzically.  It turned out it will be another shopping spree at a third store.  With only an hour before closing, we divide and conquer.  
Mostly we got alternatives for the curtains we’ll be using in the bedroom, living room, and bathroom.  We’ll see which ones we like better after we try it out in our space.  
So out of our entire haul for the day (minus the groceries)
it turns out both our favorite item is the beautiful white clock KT spotted at Ross
Best of all, everything we got was an awesome deal.  Can’t wait to start putting things up.  

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