A Whirlwind of Curtains

Two weekends ago, we bought a ton of curtains for the house.  You can read about that here.

First thing I did was put up the curtains in the bedroom.  I did a side by side comparison to see which one I like more.  I know a zoomed out picture would be more helpful but the bedroom is still a mess.  I couldn’t decide which one I liked more.  I left it up for about a week to see if one of them would grow on me.

Then it occurred to me that I can also try the bedroom curtains from our old place.  So I navigated through the boxes we have yet to unpack in the spare room to find our old (it’s really not that old) bedroom curtains. I put up one panel over the smaller window in our bedroom.  It’s hard to tell with the sunlight behind it but it’s a dark beige curtain with red and teal details.  

As I was standing back admiring the old curtains, it occurs to me that I should just reuse these old curtains since I’m not feeling the love for the other two options.  I love reusing old things!  Since I only have two panels of the old curtain (we only have one window in the old bedroom), I decided to flank the old curtain with two of these cream colored panels over the larger window.  I’m really digging it.  =)  
Next up, shower curtains!  I bought these shower curtain hooks even before we moved.  Up until now, I’ve only used either those plain metal hooks, or the inexpensive plastic rings.  So when I saw these, I had to get them. It works well with the bronze curved curtain rod we got at Ross.  
After I hung up the curtain rod (ALL BY MYSELF! – Yea, I’m weirdly proud of the smallest things), I hung up the curtain from World Market.  It turns out I like this more than I thought.  
Then I switched out the curtain with the one from Target.  This one definitely match the hooks better.  KT points out that this curtain looks crisper, which I totally agree.
It was really hard to compare so KT suggested we put both of them up side by side. Although the left one (from Target) looks crisp and clean (and who doesn’t like a clean bathroom?), I couldn’t help leaning towards the right one (from World Market).  The yellow/green gives it a warm tone and I like that it makes the bathroom feel warm and cozy.  Imagine candles and a hot bubble bath.  Mmm… the right one it is!    

The last place to put up new curtains is the living room.  KT’s domain.  When he got around to it a few days ago, we discovered that we didn’t like the length of them.  Sorry, forgot to take pictures – it was one in the morning and I haven’t been getting much sleep.  I totally love the pattern but the length just wasn’t cutting it.  We’re back to shopping for curtains for the living room.  I’m sure we’ll find something we love.  It just takes time.  

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