What Not To Do On Your Paint Floor

Not long after we finished our beautiful kitchen floor, we had a couple unfortunate accidents.  
#1 – Do Not Put Cleaning Products On Your Floor
Now that the kitchen floor was done, I was gung-ho about putting everything away in the cabinets.  I took out all the cleaning products and had them sitting on the kitchen floor in front of the stove so I can organize them.  One day I came home after work to find that a heavy duty oven degreaser was knocked over and a small puddle of the degreaser had leaked onto my precious floor.  I quickly wiped it up but it was too late.
Here’s an up-close shot
After some chest pounding, hair pulling, wailing “WHY???” -okay I didn’t really do that, but I sure felt like that inside, I sucked it in and pulled out my supplies to do some damage control.  The degreaser have basically ate through the varnish (poly) and my desperate wiping of the mess got the exposed paint a little dirty.  I used my stencil brush to apply three layers of the same paint I originally used on the floor, then four coats of poly.  In hind sight, I should have used the primer as well to better cover up the dirty white paint.  
How does it look?  A little better?

After this incident, I realized duh! I used a deglosser/degreaser to get the varnish off the kitchen cabinets to prep it for painting.  Of course a heavy duty degreaser will eat through the poly on the floor.  So I pulled out the can of poly to find instructions on how to care for the floor.  No instructions. O_o.  Seriously?

A couple nights later, one of the furry babies had an accident (#2).  At least they went by the back door, which also means, on the kitchen floor.  I discovered it at five in the morning.  In my sleepy haze, I told myself no heavy duty cleaner but a gentle organic all purpose cleaner should be fine.  I sprayed on the organic cleaner, wiped it up and went back to sleep.  
The next morning, I discovered an orange stain.    It was either from the accident or from the cleaning product.  Both is very probable. At least it didn’t eat through the poly this time.  
This time I went online to search the web for instructions on how to care for this poly finish we used to protect our floor.  We went to the manufacturer’s website.  Not so easy to navigate.  It took some googling to get me to the Q&A and this is what it said:

How do I care for or maintain my floor after I’ve finished it?
Wait until your floor has dried and “cured,” before you use any cleaning 

products on it. This usually takes a week. Then the best way to care for your 
floor is to damp mop, as needed, with warm water and mild dish soap, or use a 
solution of vinegar and warm water. Both VARATHANE Professional Floor Finish® 
and VARATHANE Diamond Floor Finish® provide excellent resistance to water and 
household chemicals. However, you should avoid ammonia-based cleaners, and try 
to prevent water from pooling or standing on the floor for a very long time

I think I’m just going to stick to water and vinegar.  This is actually a good thing since I’ve been telling KT for the better part of the year that I’m moving us towards a more organic home.  We actually stocked up a huge bottle of vinegar and baking soda back in June when we first started our renovations.  
Although this finish have been great for being scratch resistant (I have trouble trimming Monster and Sugar’s nails), I am constantly paranoid that any liquid that may drip or spill on our floor will destroy the finish.  
#2 – Do Not Put Any Metal Material On the Poly Finished Floor
I put a clean can of paint on the kitchen floor and this is what happened…  By clean, I mean the can was clean, there was nothing dripping down the side of it, etc.  
We put the babies water bowl on the kitchen floor and this is what happen…
So scratch resistant but not metal resistant, rust resistant?  Not sure, but I’m not putting any more metal material on our floor.  
For those of you considering using the Finish I posted about here, keep in mind that you might have a series of unfortunate events until you figure out what you can and can’t put on these floors.  I’ll update this if anything else happens.  I hope nothing else will happen – keeping my fingers crossed.  

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