Look What We Found – Animals In the House!

And it’s not Sugar or Monster.  It’s more of the ceramic variety.  
We found this ceramic fish pitcher at TJ Maxx.  It reminds me of the ceramic fish vase I made in my ceramic class eons ago.  I had to have it.  It was on clearance for $7.50.  Scored!
Two weeks ago, I started noticing owls popping up everywhere.  Owl statues, owl paintings, owl snow globes, owl prints on everything, etc.  Right away we knew this was the new trend of the season but we weren’t going to be roped in.  Then I saw these owl mugs at TJ Maxx.  They are so cool. We got the whole set.  So much for not being a follower right? 

We found these owl book ends at HomeGoods.  Before we know it, we were twenty dollars poorer and fully on the owl bandwagon.  Ten dollars each is a little expensive but these are really heavy weight book ends.  Right now, they’re holding our hats until we put them to real use.  =)
We stopped by World Market to return our curtains from the previous haul. I quickly browsed through the clearance shelf.  I saw this teapot for $3.50.  It totally matches the purple wall in the living room.  KT is thinking of how he’s going to use this teapot as decor in the living room.  haha.  
This is a very pretty and COMFORTABLE chair at Ross.  We actually have an excess of chairs so we had to pass on this.  Otherwise, we would totally love to have it.  KT especially likes the half length arm rest.  
Whenever we see something awesome that we would love to have at home but can’t, we find it easier to not buy it when we take a picture of it to share with y’all online.  Maybe someone will like these items as much as us and give them a home.  If you do, please share!

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