Weekend #15 – Truth Be Told

We. Totally. Slacked. Off.

I’ve been MIA here for the past week or so because we haven’t done much.  However, since I’ve been posting weekly updates, I decided I better keep that up.

In regards to the slacking off – In our defense, we were feeling completely burnt out.  We’ve been at this for nearly three months straight and we need to take a breather.

And if any of you forgot, it was over 100 degrees this weekend!  At least in SoCal.

And KT also had a living social (groupon?) deal that is expiring that we had to use at a fancy schmancy movie theater.

Okay enough excuses.

On Saturday, KT took me out on a date.  =)  We had a very low key lunch at an Anaheim french restaurant, Bleu Bistro in reminiscent of our honeymoon.  Since I’m not much of a Yelper, here’s my short review for this restaurant: server was attentive, lobster bisque and chocolate souffle was delicious, restaurant is nicely decorated, in a very ugly plaza, AC was on (big PLUS), we’ll definitely come back.

Keeping in mind that it was 100 degrees out, KT took me to cool off at a movie.  We watched Premium Rush.  We totally loved loved loved it.  (Anyone thinking of the song I’m Yours by Jason Mraz?) As KT puts it – it was an hour and a half of adrenaline rush.  When we got out of the movie, I felt like we should be pedaling a bike at full speed instead of walking.  Then we had to fight off the residual effects of the speed rush as our feet felt like lead on the gas pedal.  At least I tried to fight it off, I don’t know about KT… he sure got home a lot faster than I did.

And yes, we went home in two cars.  And no, we didn’t go on our date in two cars.  That’s just silly.  Even though we took a break from DIY, we did managed to drop off one of our cars for service before going to pick up a coffee table KT spotted on Craigslist, before our date, before picking up the car from service, before going home.

You’re all probably more interested in our Coffee Table and wondering why I didn’t just start off with that.  I actually don’t have a picture of that so… next post.

Sunday was our annual trip to lobsterfest.  =)  YUMYUMYUMYUM.  After this year, we decided we’ll be going every other year.  The temperature was in the 80s at the Port of LA compare to the 100 degrees away from the coast.  It was a fantastic weekend.  =)

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