Craigslist Finds – Coffee Table

I finally found the time to take a picture of the coffee table I mentioned here.

We’ve been having a really difficult time finding the perfect coffee table, as well as end tables and couch for the living room. KT wanted something that will make a statement.

For the coffee table, he wanted something round. Whenever we have time, we have been watching Craigslist for anything that might work.

A few weeks ago, KT found this:

When he showed it to me, I actually had to do a double take to really appreciate it. I love the ornate details around the edge of the table and in the legs.

KT made an appointment to pick it up that weekend. We got the measurements and we were sure it was going to fit in our car. When we got there, the coffee table was five inches wider. It was not going to fit.

Failure. O_o Fifty plus miles there and back with no coffee table to show for it.

Then the seller said they can deliver it. We were worried if we told her where we live, she would change her mind. She didn’t think it was too far, at least not when it’s her son who will be delivering it… Free of charge!

The coffee table is bigger than we had wanted for the space. We’re hoping that when it is painted white, it won’t feel so heavy for the area.

For seventy dollars, we scored a really quality piece. It is sturdy and sits firmly in its spot. I think this will totally work. Lets see how it looks when we paint it in a few weeks.

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