Weekend #18 – Three Different Tables

This weekend was all about tables.  We finally got an accent table, picked up a table from a yard sale, and finished my crafts table.

When we were in Napa last weekend, we saw this inspiration piece for our accent table:

During the week, KT found the first end table he liked from World Market:

All we need is a piece of glass to sit on top.

A couple of weeks ago, KT mentioned that we should check out Craigslist for awesome deals and yard sales on Friday so we can scope them out on Saturday morning. So this past Saturday, we headed out the door around 8am and went to 20 yard sales in two and a half hour. We stayed within a 4 mile radius of home.

Crazy right? I never thought we would go to TWENTY yard sales. I had a list of 6 yard sales and I didn’t expect we would go to them all. But it turns out we didn’t stay at any sale for more than five minutes. For most of them, we were only there for a minute or two. So we made a few extra stops whenever we see yard sale signs.

It was at one of the last sale we went to that we spotted this table:

We were actually interested in the glass sitting on top. It was the perfect size for the accent table from World Market. For five dollars, we bought the table.

You’ll notice that there are little plastic feet on the glass.  I actually put that on there because of a suggestion from Diana to keep the glass from moving around.  They are actually rubber bumpers I bought for our cabinet doors.

Now that we had the glass, we couldn’t wait to go to World Market to pick up the accent table.

It was on sale for $139.  We used the 25% off coupon promotion they had so it was down to $105.  Plus a $10 dollars rewards coupon from World Market Explorer brought the price tag down to $95.  Then we had $100 rewards from AT&T on a gift card so this table was practically free!

Here’s the accent table with the perfectly sized glass on it.

The corks we started saving up a year ago:

 Corks in our accent table.  I really like how this turned out.  =)

Total out of pocket cost: $5 for the glass and $3 dollars tax balance for the accent table for a grand total of $8!!!

On Sunday, I decided to finally make the crafts table that’s been sitting on my to do list since I saw this post from Elise a couple months ago.  I had an old white Ikea table left over from the college days so right after reading about this blissfully happy table, I went to Target to buy the tape that Elise used.  There were two sets of tapes left as luck would have it.  Each set has 9 rolls of tape of different colors (I ended up only using 8 colors).

I really don’t know how long it took me because I was watching TV at the same time.  It was definitely longer than an hour.  It really is as easy as it looks.  A third of the way through, I thought I should have made a basket weave design but it would have been much more difficult.

Looking underneath the table, you can see that the tape is not adhering really well.

So I taped down the ends with clear packing tape.  It should hold well.

Now I just need a piece of plexiglass to sit on top so I can slide some pictures underneath with the colorful table top as backdrop.  How lucky would I be if I can find a perfectly sized plexiglass at the next yard sale adventure?  Fingers crossed.


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