The Dam Mud Run – 5K+

I’ve been wanting to do a mud run for a while now.  KT, my sister Lauren, a friend Nina, and I ran one this past Saturday.  It was totally awesome.  I’m so glad we did it.  =)  Pictures courtesy of Nina. 

The morning of the run, I made sure to eat breakfast.  I had a bowl of multi-grain cheerios with soy milk at 7AM.  Then a red bean steamed bun at 8AM.  And I packed a granola bar for each of us, just in case.  The runners were grouped into waves and our wave didn’t start until close to 11AM.  We checked in our bags and waited for our start time.  As we were standing by the starting line, we started getting REALLY hungry. A vendor was grilling up drool inducing bacon wrapped hotdogs.  Looks sooo good.  Smells even better.

I was starting to get the shakes (happens when I get really hungry).  I remembered my granola bars in my checked bag and I sooo wanted to dart off to retrieve them.  But unfortunately, KT said no, our start time is approaching.  So I stood there with my shoulders slouched over, arms dangling in front of me like a meat deprived zombie.  = (

Speaking of zombies, there was a team there dressed up/painted like zombies.

Oh, and talking about zombies again – KT showed me a link to a zombie mud run called Run For Your Lives that’s happening this coming weekend.  I watched a promo video totally expecting zombies running up to the runners and taking a bite out of their arms (I guess too much Walking Dead – hehe) but alas, the zombies only pull flags from the runners.  KT wants to do this next year, but it might be too frightful for me.  Looks fun, but totally heart attack scary for me.  Anyone else watching Walking Dead?

Okay, back to our mud run.  There are 24 obstacles.  Here are a few:

Jump Wall. hehe… looks like I did a one arm hurdle over this.  I really just pulled one leg after the other over the wall in very slow mo. The first mile was the hardest because I couldn’t shake how famished I was.

10 Foot Wall

Water Tubes

Water Net

River Bed

Mud Pits… and more mud pits

Where shoes get lost


Ice Water Plunge. I was desperate to get out of this one.  DESPERATE.

Guess how long it took us to do this?

One HOUR two minutes and some seconds.

Here’s a picture of our shoes before the run:

Here’s the after picture:

We really should have taken the picture before they dunk us in ice water.

Here’s to a sore few days.


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