IT’S HERE!! Our Shag rug =)

When we got home last Tuesday (from KT’s birthday celebration to the Fender Custom Shop! More on that in another post), our shag rug, all rolled up, was waiting for us on our front porch.  Hooray!!  
How does it look??
It’s not as shaggy as the Ikea rug shown below, which was a little disappointing.  
But it is the perfect size.  All of our furniture fits on it.  Please excuse the bold mismatched colors in here.  We’re working on it.  
After a week with our new shag rug, I’m really digging it.  We even had a few unfortunate accidents but it totally cleaned right up.  No stains.  If you know what kind of accidents we had on here, then you’ll definitely be impressed that there are no stains.  Trust me.    

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