Weekend #21 – Shopping for Knobs

I love shopping at World Market, as you can tell from my posts here and here.  But the selection of knobs there are actually very limited.  At least at the locations I’ve been to around here.  I’ve been looking for knobs for the kitchen cabinets ever since we finished redoing the cabinets.  Luckily, I found a very large selection online at Anthropologies website and have been wanting to go check it out in store for months now.

This past weekend, we were at the Americana to run some errands.  It wasn’t until I was standing in front of the store that I realized I was standing in front of Anthropologies!!  I couldn’t get in there fast enough.  Holey Moley Macaronni, I was in knob heaven.

I thought this rabbit one is really charming.  I think I’m going to use them on the cabinets over the washer and dryer.  Maybe.  There are too many to choose from.

I also thought these timers are so cool.  Very retro right?  It will go very nicely with the retro stove I have in my parallel reality kitchen.

And check out this door knocker.  I just might hang this up in the backyard for the heck of it.

For the kitchen cabinets, I decided on these very simple, elegant glass knobs.  The color is more of a coral pink than a girly pink.  I think it’ll give our very black and white kitchen a softer touch without making it too feminine.  The single color, glass knobs also make them feel airy enough for our tiny kitchen.  I love all of the patterned and colorful knobs but it would have been overpowering for our small space.

Before the knobs:

With knobs:

And a close up:

It was simple enough to install.  It took me about ten minutes to install four knobs as I waited for KT to get ready for dinner.  Drilled some holes, screwed in the knobs, and added some washers at the backsides to hold them all in place.  Ta-da!

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