Happy Happy Fender Birthday!

It was KT’s birthday last week.  HAPPY HAPPY FENDER BIRTHDAY!! (I’ll explain the fender part below).
Since we have leftover birthday cake from when we went bowling, I decided to make KT birthday cookies instead (he LOVES cookies).  As I was quickly whipping them up after work before KT got home, I decided instead of the usual round cookies, I’d make snicker doodle bars!  I chilled the dough in the fridge for a couple hours and then popped it in the oven at 11:30PM.  It was right on time for this midnight birthday wish.  (I actually forgot about it in the oven until KT walked out of the office, sniffed the air, and asked if I was making him a birthday cake.  KEKEKE).  
I have to show you a couple of his birthday presents.  Actually, the boxes holding his birthday present.
Cool boxes right?  They are actually boxes for his guitar pedals.  I was looking around for boxes to pack his gifts in and found these boxes.  I didn’t even have to wrap them!  What a bonus.  =)
For his birthday, I surprised him with a tour of the Fender Factory and Custom Shop.  He had actually mentioned a few years ago that it would be totally awesome to visit the Fender Custom Shop. It’s just right here in Corona!  Then he showed me a video of John Mayer’s visit to the Custom Shop and lamented how celebrities can do all these things laymen can’t.  I vowed to get him in there even if I had to use a few tricks up my sleeves.  I really did.  
So for years, around his birthday, I would ponder how great it would be to find a way to get him a visit to the Custom Shop.   I would visit the Fender Custom Shop’s website, hoping that they’re doing a sweepstakes for a tour of the shop.  Last year, I dropped the ball because we were so busy with our wedding planning.  But this year, I was back at it, pondering and plotting.  I visited their website again but nothing.  I started googling how to tour the shop.  Finally, I found this!  Seriously!  They opened last year right before his birthday.  
I thought I hit gold but it was a lot of work finding out details about the tours.  I would call and call the number and no one would pick up the phone.  For weeks I waited for a call back. I would call and leave more messages.    I emailed and still no response.  If all else fails, we were just going to show up and hope they’ll have availabilities.  So we did just that.  And hooray, we’re in!
First we toured the factory.  We started in the wood mill.  (I have more pictures on instagram @caroldrive)
Then on to buffing, polishing, and painting
We were shown how sanding is done by the expert himself (he trains all the new staff).  

I took a peek inside one of their carts.  
And to finish up, tune the guitar.  
After the tour of the factory, we visited the custom shop.  
We met John Cruz
Paul Waller
And Abby Ybarra
My highlight of the trip was seeing these guitars

Why? Because we started a DIY project relating to these two guitars two, maybe three, years ago.  The plan is to prep the spare room to finally finish this project.  Stay tune.  

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