Amazing Breakfast of the Month Club – October

Last Christmas, my sweet sweet husband gave me a one year membership to the Amazing Breakfast of the Month Club.  I am a total morning person and I love breakfast.  Unfortunately, rushing to work Monday to Friday doesn’t leave much time to just hang out and cook up some hot breakfast to enjoy in the morning light.  This gift is a great reminder to slow down on a Saturday or Sunday morning to do something that really relaxes me. 

This membership basically entails a monthly shipment of gourmet breakfast items that usually have a few servings.  I’ve been taking pictures of each box I received every month but never got around to posting them.  August is a good month to start.  I figure when I get to the end of the year and the end of my membership, I can backtrack to this past January-July shipments.  So we’re all good. 

The October shipment came a couple of weeks ago.  When I opened the box, the first thing I saw is this apple cinnamon muffin mix.  I couldn’t get over how delighted I was about the packaging.  So simple, no plastic.  Yeah, I’m a little weird.

Then I started digging around to see what else is in there, more specifically, if there was anything relating to pumpkin as I had predicted here.

Look! Pumpkin Butter!  I’ve never had pumpkin butter before so I was really curious to see what it was.  It tastes like puree pumpkin to me.  We had it with the honey biscuits I made.

More honey.

A tin can of English Breakfast tea leaves.

Here’s the newsletter if you would like some light reading.

I decided to use the honey biscuits recipe in the newsletter.

I made the whole box of the cinnamon apple muffins.

It makes about 18 medium muffins.

English Breakfast ice tea with a little bit of honey.

Here’s all the bake goods we have left over after breakfast.  Looks like we’ll have breakfast for the rest of the week.  =)

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