Weekend #23 – Wall Collage

A while back, after we had finished painting our bedroom and moved all the furniture in, I decided to create a wall collage on this big blank wall opposite the bed.  I used to cringe at the sight of wall collages because usually the ones I’ve seen are busy and overwhelming.  But lately, I’ve seen a lot of tastefully hung collages that made me believe that it can, in fact, be done tastefully.  

At one of the trips to Ikea, I spotted all these colorful frames (like the ones from their website below).  Since our bedroom walls are white, I thought all these color frames will really add some colors to the space.  I would use black and white photos so we wouldn’t be in color overload.  However, the more I thought of it, the more I realized that wasn’t the look I wanted for the bedroom.  Also, KT will be doing black and white photos in the living room so I wanted to do something different.

Flipping that idea around, I can go with muted frames, like black and white, and use color pictures.  I rummaged through all of the framed pictures we had lying around that we haven’t found a home for yet and pulled out the ones I thought would work.  We have a lot of black brown frames.  We bought some additional white and black frames to add to them.

I’ve been waiting to print out pictures for the empty frames before hanging up the wall collage but I finally decided this past weekend that it was time to just hang them already.  Empty frames and all.

I arranged the frames on the bed to get an idea of how I would hang them.

With the clock in the center anchoring the whole collage, I just kind of eyeballed where the frames would go in relation to it.  I don’t know about the you, but I’m really digging this.

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