Days 1-7 #mileaday

Elise, one of the blogger I’ve been following, shared with her readers that she will be challenging herself again this year to run a mile a day from Thanksgiving to New Year.  She invited her readers to join her.  So I did.

A little background – I’ve been a runner throughout my high school years but was advised to stop because of joint pain.  Yea, at my age.  Anyhow, it was suggested that I stick to bicycling and swimming (no impact exercises).  So I decided to do the elliptical machine instead.  Ha-ha.  I figured there’s no impact on my joints on that machine, and it is the closest to running that I can get.  It was going well for a period of time but then before I know it, the last two years of gym membership went down the drain.  Honestly, I’m not much of a gym rat.  I love running outdoors.

Anyhow, one mile a day can’t be that bad…  I’m also committed to three days a week at the gym for weight training so my muscles will be better toned to handle the impact of pounding the pavement, and hopefully lessening any joint pain.

Day 1 – I didn’t start until Saturday after Thanksgiving.  #sugarbear is happily my running buddy.  #monsterbaby has his own joint pain so he’s going to be sitting out on this for a while. Forgot to take a picture. =/

Day 2 – Look at her taking in the fresh morning air. I swear, she’s So So So cute.  =) I gotta get a picture of her smelling the flowers to share.  She really does that.

Day 3 – I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make it out of bed this morning to run before work.  But we did it!

Day 4 – We’re getting into our strides.  

Day 5 – Hump Day. I decided to use a filter on instagram for this picture.  It was such a gloomy day so I wanted to lighten it up.  Rain was predicted for this day but luckily it held out until the evening time.  Sugar was excited to see our neighbor, the German Shepherd, ahead of us.  

Day 6 – Thursday.  It’s still raining.  But we found a nice patch of fallen maple leaves to brighten up our wet morning.

Day 7 – Happy Friday.  We stopped to admire the reflection of the tree in the puddle of rain. =) 

Have a great weekend!


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