Weekend #26 – Countdown until Christmas

When KT pulled out the Christmas decorations over Thanksgiving weekend, he decided to do some organizing.  What does that mean for the house?


Needless to say, we spent the weekend trying to put stuff away, get rid of stuff, etc.

In the middle of all our mess is our advent calendar.  Saturday marked the 1st of December and 24 days before Christmas.

KT and I started doing the advent calendar last year and we discovered that the hardest part of it is finding small enough gifts to fit into the calendar slots for each day.  And gifts that aren’t total crap. We had to get creative.

Most importantly, I want my gifts to KT to be something useful, meaningful, thoughtful, or something he wanted.  In other words, NOT CRAP.

Here’s my strategy:

1) Buy things off his wishlist that would fit in the calendar.  KT was kind enough to put some things on there that would fit.  It’s actually harder to buy small gifts for men because there are only so many cuff links one can buy and KT doesn’t wear cuff links.

2) Refer to the secret KT list I’ve been compiling for the better part of the year for ideas.  KT would mention things he likes or wants throughout the year that he would forget to put on his wishlist.  So this year, I made sure to keep a list myself.

3) Browse through the web for small gadgets, electronics, etc.  This works because it gives me ideas.  I usually find gifts that are useful around the house that neither of us thought of ourselves.

4) A non-tangible gift. Last year I gave him a voucher I purchased for a couple’s massage.

We didn’t want to do a separate calendar for each other so we split the days on our one calendar.  This year KT wanted to do the even days.  We’re counting down from 24 so I got to open slot 24 for my gift on Saturday and KT got his gift on Sunday.



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