I Collect Charms.

This is my travel bracelet. Now that I’m looking at it more closely, it looks like a few charms might be missing… I can’t remember when exactly I started collecting charms but I like to collect them from places I visit. I think it’s a great reminder to me that life is more than these four walls.


Most of the charms are from the trip I took with my friend Vikki three years ago. We got the Jetblue All You Can Jet pass and we literally jetted all over the map for three weeks. I think we got together two days before we planned on traveling, decided where we wanted to go, and booked everything in one night. Two days later, we were off.


Since then, I collected quite a few more charms from our minimoon to Napa and our honeymoon to Europe. Considering how crowded my travel bracelet looks, I decided to make a charm necklace.


I decided to hang the charms in tiers so that they don’t all bunch up at one level. Here you can see the Mouth of Truth from Rome, the Stonehenge from Bath, and the Murano glass heart from Venice.


In the second tier, I hung a bone shaped living locket that I picked up from a festival. You can read all about the living locket here. Also on the same tier are the Statue of David from Florence and the Eiffel Tower from Paris.

It’s a little difficult to see all the charms on the first tier. Maybe I’ll add another tier… So far, I’m really liking it.

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