I WON!! Third Day Natural Soap

Three weeks ago, I got a really awesome email (Yea, I know I’m really behind in posting about this). 

Like any typical morning, I glanced at all my new email in my inbox and in one swift swoop, selected all the ones I knew were trash and hit delete.  Then I went through and read the rest of my emails. 

I was reading my email subscription from the Frugal Girl, “It’s been a busy couple of giveaway days around here … The winners are Sam and Sharon. Congrats!  You’ve both been emailed.” 

This was my reaction, all in thirty seconds: Sharon? Me? I did enter the sweepstake for Third Day Natural Soaps.  No… I went through my emails, I didn’t see anything from Frugal Girl.  OMG, did I delete it thinking it was spam?  No, I wouldn’t have.  SPAM FOLDER.  Lemme check.  There it is!!!  OMG, I WON!!  YAY!!!! 

Good thing, as my morning email routine, I would check my inbox and read my emails, before hitting ‘Delete All’ for my spam folder.   

So here it is, a few days later…

I got to choose two scented soaps from Third Day Natural for winning the sweepstake.  How perfect is that right?  KT and I love collecting handmade natural bar soaps. 

I selected Pink Grapefruit and Peppermint Tea Tree.  These soaps are so fragrant that I was able to smell it through the paper wrapper and distinguish which soap was which.  They smell so good.   

Since it’s the holiday season, I decided to try the Peppermint Tea Tree soap first.  The scent is so pleasant and not at all overwhelming.  The soap contains tea tree extract, so it leaves my skin tingling as I’m lathering.  mMmm…  I can’t wait to try the pink grapefruit. =) 

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