all about monster.

Old dogs can learn new tricks.


At least in this case, a new command.  I’ve been teaching Monster to carry his kongs, and follow me to where I would refill it with treats.  He’s been doing really well with the red kong.  Last night, we tried with a blue one.


Every time I asked him to bring me his kong, he would look around for his red kong.  However, I had put away his red kong.  His blue one was in the middle of the living room floor.


He picked up his blue kong and I started praising him.  It turns out he was only frustrated and tossed the blue kong across the room.  HAHA! Funny boy.


I asked him again to bring me his kong.  He ran back out to the living room as I waited by his treat/food container.  He came running back carrying my Uggs.  Haha!! What a funny funny dog!


I went out and pointed to the kong he flung across the room.  At that moment, it finally clicked for him and he picked up his blue kong and followed me to his treat/food container.


He dropped it into my hand and waited to see if he brought me the right thing.


When I praised him, he gave me his biggest smile.  =) Man, I love this little guy.  <3



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