Just Hanging

I’ve just been hanging out, catching my breath (I’ve recently discovered the song with a similar title by Kelly Clarkson – going to add that to my playlist) these last couple weeks.

I slept in on the weekends.  =)

Breakfast in bed.  <3

Breakfast in Bed

I rediscovered knitting.

Colorful Yarns

Two weekends ago, KT stepped outside and came back in telling me how hot it was.  Since it’s been so cold lately, I immediately dashed outside to check out the change in weather.  What’s hot for KT usually means the perfect temperature for me.  And indeed it was.  It was a lovely summer’s day in the middle of winter.  (Yes, 40 to 50 degrees is cold in SoCal for someone who’s used to 80 degree temperatures in the summer months).   I spent the rest of the day outside.


Knitting is like riding a bike.  It’s amazing how familiar and natural it felt after such a long hiatus.  I ended up knitting until two in the morning.  I love not having anything scheduled for a day.


KT came outside to hang out with me.


I’ve been taking more pictures since I started scrapbooking again.  I’m not sure scrapbooking is the right word.  Perhaps photo journaling would be a better fit.


Enjoying late night desserts.


Some quality time with Monster and Sugar.



Carpooling with KT.  And getting a surprise when he picks me up.


Life is good.

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