Redoing our website, yet again.

New project – Building this website and documenting it.  Okay, not so new since I’ve been working on this website for a good part of last year.  But the new part is documenting how I did certain things here so that hopefully it’ll be useful for someone else.  And useful for myself when I’ve forgotten how I did something.

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I tend to make random notes here and there.  Scraps of paper; incoherent emails to myself that only made sense at the moment I was working on something; bookmarking web references which might not be there forever, etc.  So these posts will help me in the sense that I am force to sit down and coherently recap instructions on how I did something in words a novice like me will understand.  Because, honestly, I don’t know anything about web design and writing codes.  So when I find something that works or don’t work, I need to really make sure I write it down at a central place.

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Why? Because even after multiple MULTIPLE suggestions online, in forums, to make all changes in a child theme.  I have not.  Which means I have to redo all my work whenever there is an update.  I’ll explain more about what a child theme is and how to create a child theme… when I actually do create a child theme.

I promise myself I’ll do it soon, for my own sanity.  How many times do you have to redo something before it drives you up the wall?

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