snowboarding… if you can call it that =P

Haha… really we went snowboarding last weekend.


I think, without planning it, my new year’s resolution is doing things I haven’t done in years.  First it was knitting, now it’s snowboarding.


The last time I went, many moons ago, I had finally mastered heel side snowboarding.  I hear some people call it heel side falling leaf or the heel side glide.  Whatever you want to call it, that was what I was able to do.  Toe side was a whole different matter.  Everytime I switch to my toe side, I wouldn’t last more than five seconds without my face planting in the snow.  Getting off the lifts was even worse.  Haha.


Surprisingly, I felt more comfortable on my first run this past weekend than I ever had in any of my first runs in the past.  But I never got comfortable enough to go full speed (my full speed) in any of the subsequent runs.  Seriously, I think as I get older, I get more cautious.  I was cruising so slowly that it was painful watching the video KT recorded of me.  It was like, “is she there yet??”  Painstakingly. Slow. Motion.


Nonetheless, I had fun.  Even Diana learned with the help of Lauren and Susan!  Can we get a HURRAH!  (I think the military have been on my mind lately  =)).


Afterward, we went to Donut Man for its famous fresh strawberry donuts and tigertail twists.

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