a jump start on spring cleaning

We have been planning for a yard sale for months now.  Remember all the stuff in the spare room we have to get rid of??


Last week, when we realized that we were having a long holiday weekend coming up, we decided it’s time to have a yard sale.


I messaged our family to see who would like to join us.  It’s always more fun when there are multiple yard sales going on.  My parents dropped off a carload of stuff for us to sell for them.


We were on our own on Saturday and we did amazingly well.  If you’ve never had a yard sale before, you’re probably wondering how much you can sell.  We sold almost 400 dollars on Saturday.  We were BUSY!  People started coming at seven in the morning and we ended at two in the afternoon.


In the picture above, if you look closely, you can see that our neighbors across the street decided to join us with a yard sale too.  =) They took advantage of the signs we put up for our yard sale. (I know the signs say Sunday but that’s because KT added the date to them on Sunday).


We thought we would have the same turn out on Sunday.  Susan and David brought another carload of stuff from my parents since we sold almost everything they brought over for Saturday.  Philip and Diana came to hang out with us.  Everyone pitched in to make more signs.


Susan and KT got a little more creative with the signs. That’s Me! walking there as KT snapped this picture.


Then KT and Susan got even more creative.  What can I say, there was a lull in customers.  Monster didn’t get any takers but he got a lot of oohs and aahs.


We didn’t think we were going to sell the couch.  But as we were cleaning up, KT saw that he received an email asking if we still have it (we’ve been posting it on Craigslist).  A couple came by after the yard sale to check it out.  They loved it (and why wouldn’t they??  It’s a great couch).  They paid us and came back the next morning with a truck to take it home.  =)


All in all on Sunday, we didn’t even get a quarter of the traffic we got on Saturday.  But it turned out we sold just over 400 dollars on Sunday because of a few big ticket items. That’s a total of 800 dollars over two half days!!


The spare room is looking much better.  We still have a ways to go but we did pretty good if I must say so myself.

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