just for laughs.

It was a STUPID weekend. haha… I’m still laughing.

Here’s the story… On Sunday, after our yard sale, we started putting things into boxes that we’ll be donating.  I started a list so we can itemize our deductions come tax time.  We’re writing down tallies for ‘women’s shirts’ and ‘men’s shirts’.  Then I was watching KT write ‘women’s dress.’  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Think about it… hahahahahaa.  Maybe I’m just easily amused.

Here’s the other story…  KT took most of the yard sale pictures on his phone. He is much better about taking photos for our blog than I am.  =)   I needed the pictures for the post so on Monday morning, I texted the pictures from his phone to myself.  Then KT and I sat there looking at pictures.  We were chatting about this and that.  Then we heard a text alert from my phone and wondered who’s texting me so early on a holiday morning.  We ignored it and then we heard a string of text alerts from my phone.  Who in the world???  We kept ignoring it.  KT even got a little peeved.  When I finally checked my phone, this is what I saw.


HAHAHHAAHA… duh, I texted myself pictures from KT’s phone!  We’re so stupid!  For the rest of the weekend, we just kept saying that and laughing about it.


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