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KT was cleaning up the backyard a while ago and placed a broken branch from a tree in the backyard (see red arrow) into a pot (see blue arrow).  Honestly, I can’t remember why he did that.  Maybe the yard waste bin was full?  Or the green leaves on the broken branch was pretty so he wanted to keep it around until it dies?

IMG_0010 - Version 3

This past friday, KT was going to toss the broken branch away but discovered that the branch grew roots, out of the drainage hole of the pot, through the pavers, into the ground!!


It was a broken branch.  Now it’s a tree!!  Who would have thought?!?!

The pot broke when KT tried moving it.


Looking at the huge hole KT had to dig to pull out the tree and roots, it occurred to me that now is the time to bury the time capsule I’ve been talking about for so long.


We gathered some knick knacks and pictures — anything that might be interesting to look at decades from now — and put it in a glass jar.


Then I put the glass jar in a water proof makeup bag that I was going to toss out.  This way, I can almost be certain that the pictures won’t be water damaged from the rain.

Considering how easily the glass jar can break with any ground movement, we put it in a big plastic container.  Hopefully the plastic will be durable enough to bend with the moving earth and provide enough cushion that the glass jar will not be affected.



We buried the time capsule on Monday, February 18, 2013.


Family and Friends, please don’t dig up our time capsule. I know it’s tempting. =P

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