7 fitness goals for 2013

After moving closer to our gym last year, KT and I were feeling re-energized about the idea of spending more time at the gym to keep active.  In addition to that, KT started playing basketball twice a week and I did the mile a day challenge (I blogged about the first week).


This year, a couple colleagues and I started training with a personal trainer twice a week at a gym next to our office and I’m loving it.  I didn’t have any real goals though so when I saw this on msn, I decided to set some targets for myself.

My Fitness Goals for 2013:

  1. Hold plank for 60 seconds (right now it’s a struggle to do 30 seconds)
  2. Hold tree pose for 60 seconds (haven’t tried this yet)
  3. Do ten full push ups (our trainer has been working on this with us)
  4. Do one chin up
  5. Climb a rope (holey cow!)
  6. Do a 10-minute tabata workout (I had to look that up – this was informative)
  7. Run a 10k (I have to be reasonable here… no marathons for me this year)

I think I can do it!  It’s on.

A note about the picture.  I saw this at the store a few months ago.  Can you believe they sell this soda targeted at kids??  And their website is the chubby kids club??  There are so many things wrong about this product and its marketing.  

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