Foaming Hand Soap :: For the three P's

As I have briefly mentioned before here, I’m trying to create a more organic household for our little family of four.  You probably know how enthusiastic I am about the environment from this post here. First order of business is finding the right products for the three P’s – Planet, People, Pets (also means NO animal testing).

I know how difficult it is to be conscientious about this when convenience is so highly sought after in our society.  I’m super busy with the usual – work, home, family, friends.  However, I really value the three P’s so I need to find a good balance for myself.

Not only that, I have to find a good balance between me and KT.  My summation of KT’s stance on all this is ‘even if money grows on tree, doesn’t mean you should be blowing your nose with a hundred dollar bill.‘  (I toned it down from my initial reference of wiping another body part =P ).    It would be super convenient to just throw down the cash to buy the latest and greatest organic products out there but those products can be super expensive.

Luckily, there are a few more affordable options in the market today for all natural products not tested on animals.  I really don’t know if it is safe to assume that all natural products are not tested on animals.  Anyone know anything about that??  For now, I’m just going with whether or not they specify no animal testing.  So between those options in the market, and all the DIYers out there with recipes to making your own 3P’s friendly products, I think I might be able to find a middle road towards an organic household without driving myself or KT crazy.

You might remember me making a batch of liquid hand soap here.   I’m not sure if I’ll do it again.  It was fun trying it out.  It took some time.  I can be sure it wasn’t tested on animals.  I used the bar soap from Napa Soap Company and they don’t do animal testing.  It was definitely affordable.  The bar of soap was five dollars and it made two liters of liquid soap which we are still using now.  I think as long as I still find it enjoyable and can find the time, I’ll keep making it.


Tonight, I took the liquid hand soap experiment a little further and see if I can make foaming hand soap.  We bought a foaming hand soap a month or so ago just so I can have the foaming dispenser for this purpose.

Here’s our empty foam dispenser:


I used the liquid hand soap I made back in October. In four months, we used about seven eighths of the bottle.  Cost effective right right?


I filled a third of the bottle with the liquid hand soap.


Then I filled the rest of the bottle with hot water.


Gently swayed the bottle to mix the solution really well without making it sud.

IMG_2591Gave it a test and it works perfectly!


It may seem more cost effective since we’re diluting the liquid soap with water but I think we go through foaming hand soap much faster than regular hand soap.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

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