2013 Firecracker Run

Even before I decided on my fitness goals for the year, I had signed up me and KT for the 2013 Firecracker Run.  My sisters ran this for the last two years.  Last year, they competed to see who would finish first in the 10K.  It sounded so fun that KT and I decided we were going to compete in the following year.  All it takes is a little competition to get us motivated. =)

photo (2)

There’s even a trophy for the competition.


I chickened out though and only signed up for the 5K.  We were in no shape to run a 10K.  I even had doubts about the 5K.

The run was this past Sunday and we all made it to the finish line.  I definitely did better than expected.

Anyone who needs more than a little competitiveness to run next year, maybe you would be motivated by free beer and wine.  I learned on the day of the race that there is a “beer (and wine) garden” at the finish line for all the runners (of legal age of course) to reap the reward of some free alcohol.

Looking forward to the next race.   Cheers!

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