Staining the Patio Table

I have been waiting for a weeklong dry weather forecast so I can stain our patio table.  Last weekend was the weekend.


To prepare the table for staining on Saturday, I used Behr Premium All-In-1 Wood Cleaner No. 63.  It basically cleans and brightens the wood.  Following the instructions, I hosed down the table.


Then scrubbed it with the all in one cleaner.


After I rinsed down the table and pat it dry, I noticed that there was still sap on the surface.  I guess it doesn’t get rid of sap.


I did some research and discovered that if the wood wasn’t properly dried during manufacturing, it will leak sap.  The only way to deal with this is to scrape it off, sand out the stain from the sap, and seal the wood.  I will have to do this process over and over again until the wood dries out and stop excreting sap.  It can take a few years.

I scraped off the sap.  Lightly sanded the table.

After our 5K run on Sunday, I started staining the four removable wood pieces that covers the built in coolers before moving on to the table.


I used a polyester brush.  I kept the stroke long from end to end to avoid any unevenness.

I think this is the only photo showing the “built-in coolers.”  I didn’t do a spectacular job staining these two areas but they won’t show once the plaster “coolers” sit in there.


I used a smaller brush to get into the hard to reach places.  I’ve considered not staining under the table.  Then I thought I should at least stain the areas underneath that is easily visible.  After I got started, I decided I might as well stain the whole thing.

While I was staining the table, KT was cleaning out the shed and the babies’ toy chest.  Monster and Sugar was extremely excited to play with all of their old toys. Monster kept bringing me his toys to play with him.  In the picture below, I was staining the underside of the table. He brought me an old tennis ball and wouldn’t stop licking me until I played with him.


I threw the ball and it definitely got his attention.  See how alert he was in the picture below?


Then he stared after it, not sure if he wanted to chase it.


After some hesitation, he darted after his ball.


Back to staining… After five hours on a Sunday afternoon, the first coat of stain was on the table.


I put on the final coat this morning before work.  It needs some touch up but what do you think?

photo (4)

I picked the darkest semi-transparent stain, Slate, available from Behr.  This color matches our other patio set.  Now it’s time to hunt for the perfect chairs – yea, I’m not going to build the chairs.

photo (3)


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