The Start of a Container Garden


This is the first year I’m trying to grow more than a few potted plants inside the house.  You’ve met our dwarf peach tree.  Over the weekend, we picked up a dwarf grapefruit tree and a tomato plant.


When we bought the peach tree, the man who was helping us said that the peach tree is small enough to grow in its current pot.  Next year, we might want to move it to a bigger container.  I like the sound of that.

Side note – An indoor plant I transplanted a few months ago is just barely hanging on by a string of pearls – it’s a string of pearls succulent plant.  Yes, I know, how hard is it to keep a succulent plant alive, right?  

I have enough trouble keeping things alive as it is.  I really don’t need the extra challenge of keeping it alive after transplanting it.  So this year, I’m going to try to grow all my trees in its original containers. Next year, if they’re still alive, then I’ll move them to a bigger container.

I just realized that even though I am fully aware of my lack of a green thumb, I am still over the moon about this garden.  Who cares if I fail right?  I’m sure it’ll be a whole lot of fun – at least this first time around.  And if it turns out I have a garden full of beautiful flowers and edible plants, and an orchard of blooming fruit trees, then all the better.

KT and I talked about planting the trees directly into the ground but since we’re not sure how the other backyard projects will shape up, we won’t know where the trees will end up permanently.  Beside, I really like the look of a container garden.  There’s something very charming about it.

I’m using Miracle-Gro Fruit and Citrus Tree Fertilizer Spikes.  I’ll be fertilizing the trees twice a year, in the spring and after the last harvest.  These spikes will do the job in feeding the trees continuously for me.  I love the product already.

I would like to add a meyer lemon tree to our garden this year.  I’ve been looking for it in stores but no luck yet.  I would also like to buy a valencia orange tree and a navel orange tree.  If not this year, then next year.  We’ll see.

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