French Door Update

My last update on the french door was in this post.  That was six months ago.  For half a year, we’ve been staring at this:


This past weekend, armed with our new nail gun, we installed the trim in about an hour. The panel boards took another hour or so because we had to use a razor blade to cut the panel boards lengthwise to fit.

photo (17)

We didn’t get around to painting all this but it’s on the to do list.  We only spent about sixteen dollars on the trim.  Everything else we already had.  With a few finishing touches, we will be able to finally call this project done.

I was marveling at how quickly we got this done.  All because we had the right tools.  I remember nailing in those panel boards with a hammer when I first installed them.  It was easy but definitely time consuming.  AND to cut the chair rail moulding down to size, I had to use a hand saw!  That was hard.  It really made me appreciate having a miter saw and a nail gun now.

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