Living Room Wall Collage

KT has been shopping for white frames for the wall above the piano.  Even though we don’t have all the frames yet, it was time to finally hang the frames that have been sitting there for months.  You can see the four nails all in a line above the piano.  We hung our christmas stockings there last year and we never bothered taking them out.  


I think I’ve mentioned it before – he wants white frames with black and white pictures.  So far, he found three white frames.  The black frame is actually one I had way back when, specifically for the sketch of the Eiffel Tower my parents gave me from their visit to Europe.


KT haven’t gotten around to writing down the measurement for that sketch (it’s not a standard size) so he can buy a white frame for it.  For now, it’ll sit in the black frame.

Photos: French Quarter, New Orleans (bottom left); Eiffel Tower (center); Parliament Square, London (top right); Greve in Chianti, Italy (bottom right)

Update:: Here’s the post with pictures of the completed wall collage.  

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