the Monster's nose mystery

A few years ago, something started happening to Monster’s nose.  Take a look.

Here he is in 2004.  Sweet little baby with a perfect black nose.


2008.  His eye brows are turning white…  but his nose is still black.

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mid-2009.  It is around this time that I started noticing the little bit of pink on the right side of his nose.


end of 2009. The pink area is getting bigger from the inside of his nostril.  His vet wasn’t sure what’s causing it to turn pink but since he hasn’t shown any discomfort because of it, I was told to just keep an eye on it.


2010.  I thought his whole nose will turn pink. His vet thinks his body is just not producing the color pigment enzyme that makes his nose black.  She didn’t think it was cause for concern.

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beginning of 2011.

1.10.11 Monster (9)

end of 2011.  The pink area is noticeably bigger now.


Jul-2012.  At its worse. The top side of his nose turned pink as well.  Half his nose is pink now.


Oct-2012. Something weird started happening.  Some of the pink area is turning black again.  I made a deal with Monster.  If his whole nose turn black again, I’ll let him have a field day with a whole bag of dog food.  I think it’s motivating him.

2012-10-27 22.24.47

Dec-2012.  The black spots on the pink are getting darker.

2012-12-09 14.58.52


2013-01-15 21.52.26

Feb-2013.  Natural light shows it best.




Apr-2013. I think he’s well on his way to getting a whole bag of dog food.


I’m going to keep a much closer eye on his nose now that it’s changing again.  Isn’t he just the most photogenic dog in the world?  I love his expressions.


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