garden update


peach tree :: only one fruit is really growing.  Don’t know what’s going on with the other ones…photo (25)

grapefruit tree :: a whole bunch of what I assume are baby grapefruits.  I think I’ll have to pinch some off because I can’t imagine these fragile branches being able to support so many full grown grapefruits.
photo (26)

basil :: it’s been a couple of weeks since they sprouted.  I’m letting them grow until they’re about two inches before I plant them outside.  photo (27)

roma tomato plant :: we first bought these on a tray of four about three inches tall.  I plant them all in their individual pots and they are flourishing.  This one is planted in the broken pot from here.  It tilts to one side so I faced it east towards the rising sun.  It seems to be doing better than the other three roma tomato plants because it is so much leafier.  photo (28)

cherry tomato plant :: a few weeks ago, five cherry tomatoes appeared.  It looks like one of them will be ripe soon.  Unfortunately, no other tomatoes have popped up since…photo (29)asparagus :: this plant popped up about a week ago.  Now it taller than the length of my hand.  Another one popped up yesterday about an inch tall.  Still waiting for the other four to come out.

photo (30)

blueberries :: we are anxiously waiting for some fruits.  One bulb is looking quite promising.

I’ve been checking on up the plants every morning before work and I am relieve they are all alive.  I am a little nervous that the peach tree isn’t thriving like it was a few weeks ago though.  Despite that, I think we’re doing really well for our first garden.  There is still so much to learn.  I bought a few gardening books but reading about soil pH and the different types of soil really puts me to sleep.  I’m hoping that since I don’t have to plant anything into the ground yet, I can trust that the potting soil we buy have the right pH.  I’m trying to keep things simple for now.  I’m so glad spring is here and our plants are growing.  Happy Friday!


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