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The other day, I had just laid down for a nap when I heard KT scolding Monster.  A few seconds later, Monster ran into the room, jumped up on the mattress, planted himself next to me, and turned to face the doorway, tensed and alert. Sugar followed him in and laid down at the foot of the mattress.  KT followed shortly after, clearly very irate.  Monster knew he was in trouble.  Sugar knew it too.  As usual, I asked “what happened? what did he do now?”  Despite how often he gets into trouble (this time he went through the trash, got on the dining table, and ate my left overs), I love how he runs to me to protect him whenever he’s in trouble with KT.  Of course if I was the one discovering his misconduct and is stuck disciplining him, he would be running away from me.  But Monster apparently understands the concept of good cop bad cop.  Whenever he’s in trouble with KT, he runs to me to smooth things over. Genius.

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