work in progress

The weekend before this past weekend, I started putting up panel boards behind the couch.

photo (21)

I didn’t finish because I was having problem with this outer corner.  This past weekend, I went ahead and just finished it.  I used caulk to fix up the problem areas.


The problem was that the corner edge and the baseboard was not a perfect ninety degree angle.  I had to decide if I wanted my panels flushed against the corner edge or flush against the baseboard.  Since I didn’t want to cut the panel boards length-wise at an angle, I decided to make it flush against the corner edge and just caulk the gap between the baseboard an the panels.  I didn’t realize how big that gap was going to be while keeping the top of the baseboard leveled.  Throughout the process, I kept trying to correct problems that kept arising which ended up causing a bigger problem with the corner trim at the end.  After much head pounding by KT to try and figure out a perfect cut, we just threw our hands up and decided to caulk the gap at the corner.  It doesn’t look bad.  I think after I paint it, it shouldn’t be noticeable.  I caulked all the seams once already but I want to go over it one more time before we paint.  It was a slow weekend but this will get done.

I can’t believe the weekend is over already.  It feels way too short.  It’s going to be a long week.  Lets make the best of it.

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