more randomness

I used to hate social media.  Maybe I still do.  Just a little.  I can’t quite remember how it started or how it progressed.  I used to love AIM.  I was constantly on it.  How else do you stay connected with five, ten, twenty people all at once when you’re not at school?  Then it was myspace.  or gchat?  Which came first?  I don’t even remember.  All I know was I wasn’t comfortable on myspace.  Who wants to share all that information online when you don’t know who might be looking? And holy cow, I really didn’t need to see some of the stuff people were sharing.  Somewhere along the line, I switched from AIM to gchat which means I wasn’t accessible to a lot of people who weren’t on gchat.  Then facebook was all the rad.  I remember not willing to open an account for the longest time.  At that time, people were still using the telephone and emails to communicate so I didn’t feel too left out.  But after a while, people did stop sharing things one on one and it was all about mass sharing on facebook.  I finally created my facebook account a few years out of college and I was drawn into the hours and hours of just reading the news feeds and looking at people’s pictures.  Now it’s blogging.  My first blog was shared with just family but I have since embraced the blog world.  I love to blog about our diy adventures and I especially like reading blogs for inspiration.  I think at the end of the day, I just need to find the right balance with using social media.  Obviously I shouldn’t be on facebook for hours on end just reading the news feed (honestly it’s so unproductive and a little stalker-ish) and I shouldn’t be making certain personal information public information.  While I recognize this, it is definitely hard to do.  Especially with blogging.  How do I really write honestly when I am so concern with censorship?   How do I respect other people’s privacy when I blog so that I can share my projects without sharing the people involved?   It feels like a whole new world and I’m still finding my footing.

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