garden update


Our first two cherry tomatoes.  Every morning when I  go outside to check on our plants, Monster follows me out to check on the cherry tomatoes.  I think his nose can smell the cherry tomatoes now that they’re ripening.  He’s been good though.  He only sniffs and hasn’t tried to pull the tomatoes off the plant.  I gave him one of the tomatoes and I had the other one.


Asparagus. I read up on how to grow asparagus and it turns out I have to let these grow for two years (until they are pencil-thick) before I can harvest them.  So I’m just letting them grow out.


The roma tomato plants are flowering. We should be seeing some fruits soon.

Blueberries.  Can you see that one in the center?  It’s a little blurry.

IMG_3152And more cherry tomatoes.



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