Paris Flea Market


We went to a Paris Flea Market this weekend.  We really like going to these things.  It’s always a great place to find one of a kind pieces.  One vendor has a huge selection of vintage post cards.  That was pretty awesome.  It’s also a great place to find inspiration pieces for future projects.  I’m particularly fond of this coffee table.  I imagine something like this would look really nice in our up and coming garden/backyard.



We also went into a brick and mortar store that was participating in the flea market.  We would have never noticed this store otherwise.  Ever found a place that usually only the locals would know about?  This was one of those places.  It’s a neighborhood gem and it feels great getting to know our neighborhood.  They had a room that sparked an idea for one of our upcoming major projects.  Our list of things to do is getting really long.  We really need to get  on it.


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