Playing with Mud

Actually, it’s clay.  But mud sounds cooler.  I recently received my custom ordered handmade ceramic bowl from LeenduhPottery.  I needed something to corral all my bedside table necessities and it was perfect for that purpose.



Here’s a snippet about this handmade piece:

“This is a small shallow bowl 6” in diameter, titled “Pegasus” –after the large winged-horse constellation in the sky.

Pegasus sprouted from Medusa, upon her beheading, as the son of Poseidon.  The name Pegasus, comes from the Greek pegai, which means springs of water.

The denim blue glaze appears darker on the outside and bright on the inside.  I used porcelain slip and sgraffito to depict a starry night sky on the inside of the bowl.  Or does it look more like flowing springs of water like the roots of Pegasus.  The textures from the slip creates depth and movement to this piece, further complimented by the slightly rough edge along the rim.”

Cool right? Not only do I get a custom piece but a story behind it.

In about a month, I’ll be attending a three-hour session on making pottery with a potter’s wheel  at Create in Clay with Leenduh.  I’ve taken a beginners ceramic class many years ago but the method I learned there was strictly hand building with coils of clay.  I’m looking forward to trying the potter’s wheel.  Grin.

More pottery from Leenduh will be coming soon.  I’ll keep you posted.

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