Garden Update

My long overdue garden update.

photo (3)Here’s one of our asparagus.  If you remember from my previous garden post, I mentioned that I’m not suppose to harvest the asparagus for at least two years.  Instead, I should let it grow until it dies and then cut it back.  The reasoning for this is to encourage the asparagus to grow thicker.  The first shoot that came out was thin.  Seriously, thin as a…still thinking………a kabob skewer!  (I had a hard time coming up with a comparison.)  Now the shoots are coming up as thick as a pencil as you can see in the picture, front and center.  Also, since I’ve never seen an asparagus plant before, I was wondering if only one asparagus shoot comes out of each asparagus crown.  It doesn’t make much sense since you would need a whole bunch of crowns to grow enough for one person’s portion.  Luckily, as it turns out, many shoots come out of one crown.

photo (5)Remember the basil I was growing indoor in eggshells?  Here’s a picture as reminder:

photo (6)They were starting to get quite big and I didn’t have the time to plant them outdoors.  Then I noticed they were starting to wilt…. that’s when I realized they don’t have any more room to grow in the eggshell.   So I finally got off the couch and planted them with the asparagus.  All I really had to do was dig a hole in the dirt, gently crush the eggshell in my hand, then drop the basil with the eggshell into the hole.  That was it.  They are doing really well.

photo (4)The grapefruits are growing!  I think I might need to find a way to support these fruits when they get bigger so they don’t break the branch with their weight.  Any ideas anyone?

photoWe have so many roma tomatoes growing on each plant that I imagine there are about forty of them.

photo (2)That orange one is the very first roma tomato to grow.  It’s finally starting to ripen. I’ll have to keep an eye on it because when it’s ripe and I don’t pick it, Monster will try to pick it himself.  I caught him a few times lately getting impatient with me leaving the ripe cherry tomatoes on the plant for too long.  He gives it a day or two and then he starts trying to pick it himself.  It’s the cutest thing because he tries to be so gentle with the plant.

You might notice the leaves on the tomato plants are looking a little dry.  It’s because we’re having problems with aphids sucking the life out of our plants.  I tried using marigolds to deter them but they’re not working.  Is there somewhere where I can buy lady bugs?  I also read that tomato leaves are toxic to aphids.  How is that possible if they’re killing my tomato plants?  Any ideas?




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